Fully Managed Cyber Security Program

Small businesses are experiencing a higher rate of breaches, ransomware, and cyber attacks than ever before. They are unable to recruit cyber security expertise nor keep pace with the volume of emerging threats targeting businesses of all sizes. To defend against modern threats, organizations must be able to continuously monitor their networks, devices and cloud, before an incident occurs.

Security Operations Center (SOC) combines an elite team of security veterans, investigators and analysts with a purpose-built threat monitoring platform identifying malicious and suspicious activity. The security service leverages Doculedger's security architecture to deliver 24x7x365 threat detection and response while detecting and containing threats faster with incident remediation. Designed for today's small business owners, SOC-as-a-Service will help you focus on growing your business while leveraging our security team as an extension to your daily operations. Our security experts gain instant threat visibility across cloud, networking, and computing devices to eliminate cyber criminals from infiltrating your company. You'll get valuable clarity and support on how to improve your security posture for the long term.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Highlights

24x7x365 continuous security monitoring covering the cloud, network, and endpoint

Threat intelligence and next-gen malware prevention

Breach detection, intrusion monitoring and ransomware protection

Log monitoring with 1-year storage retention

Incident detection, response and remediation

Remote Lock, Locate, & Wipe

DocuLedger's technology protects devices and data in the event of loss, theft, or use in remote locations. It enables you to remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices you manage to prevent data compromise. From big to small businesses with remote workers, we prevent data breaches to ensure confidentiality, compliance, and a competitive advantage.

Find your lost or stolen device quickly and easily.
Keep unauthorized users away from sensitive data – even if the device is lost.
Remotely delete personal or client data from any enabled device.
Integrated support or assistance with our helpdesk.

Rich Forensic Data Differentiated in Every Aspect

  • Visual diagrams representing an execution flow, helping IR teams to quickly evaluate the impact of any threat
  • Deep Visibility into every operation on the agent, including the ability to search for historic data
  • Visibility into the encrypted network traffic without pushing certificates or the need for expensive SSL appliances/blades
  • Monitor any file and get get notified upon access or change

DocuLedger Cyber security unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single, purpose-built agent powered by machine learning and automation. It provides prevention and detection of attacks across all major vectors, rapid elimination of threats with fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities, and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with full-context, real time forensics

Take a Look at this Remote Workforce Cyber security Checklist

Shifting operations to a work from home (WFH) model introduces new cyber security considerations to your organization. Use this checklist to get ahead—and stay ahead—of new risks.

Perform a cyber security health checkup during and after the shift to WFH. Review all cyber security controls to identify gaps, prioritize, and remediate accordingly.
Get regular cyber security threat alerts that feature emerging cyber security topics, attacks, and vulnerabilities—including those related to remote workforce.
Update your Technology & Data Use Policy to include remote workforce considerations like non-company owned Wi-Fi, VPN usage, USB and connected drives, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
Run vulnerability scans on networks(internally and externally) any time you make configuration changes to firewalls and other devices, including VPN, to quickly identify critical vulnerabilities to patch.
Update your Incident Response Plan to include common and key WFH scenarios that may impact your organization, including lost or stolen devices.
Scan the Dark Web for stolen passwords for all employees. If any are found, have employees change passwords immediately on all systems, devices, and applications.
Send regular awareness training videos to employees, depicting important cyber security topics for a remote workforce, such as Wi-Fi usage and actively protecting company devices.
Activate ongoing phishing tests on employees simulating how cyber attackers use fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Employees should confirm requests and verify links or attachments before opening.
Hold group classroom training sessions via remote webinar with employees on best practices to help protect the company. Include a short quiz to gauge learning.
Complete ethical hacking on your networks after reconfiguring systems to identify weaknesses attackers could exploit. Remediate gaps to strengthen boundaries.

Protection Online and Off

We use propriety technology to monitor, journal, and contain infections even when an endpoint is offline. System and user data is protected offline too. Rather than using Windows® Volume Shadow Copy, which may be compromised by malware, DocuLedger's protection uses a patented approach to preserving device data and protect the local host drive from being compromised or needing reimaging.

Independently Benchmarked Low System Overheads

A key benefit of the cloud-driven approach is that the intense processing of malware discovery and analysis is performed in the cloud. Independent testing by PassMark Software shows our protection has the lightest overall system resource usage among leading competitor products. Full scheduled scans are transparent to users and system CPU and RAM usage are lightweight and don’t hog resources.

Innovative Detection Technology

Unlike traditional approaches, which only have one opportunity to detect and stop a threat, our next generation protection works in multiple stages. First, it looks to predictively prevent malware from infiltrating the system. Then, it works to prevent malware and unknown files from executing if they display malicious behavior. Then, if a previously-unknown file (i.e. potential infection) does execute, DocuLedger's protection monitors and journals the file’s activity until it can classify it appropriately. If the file is deemed a threat, any changes it made to local drives are automatically rolled back to their pre-infected state. Not only is this multi-stage strategy more effective against modern threats, but it also reduces the chance of false positives.

Powered by World-class Real-time Threat Intelligence

All DocuLedger solutions are backed by a platform which integrates the same global technology trusted by more than 100 network, security, and technology vendors to enhance the security of their products and services. Our solution’s 6th generation machine learning architecture processes over half a trillion threat objects per day from a variety of vetted sources, as well as tens of millions of real-world customer endpoints, allowing the system to generate around 1,000 new or revised machine learning models per day to help businesses all over the world.

Email Security

We help you continuously fight phishing where it hurts the most...Inside your inbox. The best time to stop phishing emails is before they hit the mailbox, yet 25% of attacks get past existing defenses. With 82 seconds on average until the first click is lured, the second best time is now. Our Email Security solution is a comprehensive self-learning email security platform for both security teams and employees, designed to quickly detect nefarious emails slipping through traditional anti-phishing defenses, responding to them automatically in seconds, blocking them for good.

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