File Sync & Share

With the right secure file sharing solution, you can protect employees from risky behaviors without slowing their productivity. We provide a solution that while synchronizing your files also scans them for malware and ransomware.

Our File Sync & Share (FSS) solution is equipped with crucial privacy and security features...

Encryption In-session, In-transition, On-device

IP Address White Listing

Download/ Copy Prevent; Auto PDF

Built-in Remote Wipe Capabilities

Policy-based Control of Content, Users, & Devices

Two-factor Authentication

Share Content with Links

Reporting Capabilities

Mobile Productivity

With mobile use increasing and access to viral networks the new norm, the sheer amount of digital information employees want to access and share across multiple mobile devices is growing dramatically. Workers in all types of organizations, whether mobile or onsite, now expect complete flexibility in which device they choose to use and seamless access and transfer of documents between colleagues and partners, regardless of the device their external contacts may be using. Your organization needs complete control of those devices and how your users are using them to protect your corporate data from security risks.

Team Collaboration

With the continued increase of BYOD and remote and mobile workforces, users need to work and collaborate efficiently, and IT support needs to securely manage the flood of user devices and content. When your organization deploys new services, integration with existing systems is critical. And more endpoints mean more contributed content from laptops, phones and tablets. Our technology will help empower your team to collaborate more efficiently and securely.

A File Sync & Sharing solution is critical for the success of your business. Don't wait until it's too late- get started today!

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