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Cybersecurity & IT that prevents disaster and delivers data control

Sleep better tonight knowing your company's data and operations will be there tomorrow.

Our goal is to offer the most effective and affordable set of services that provide the greatest Cybersecurity benefit involving people, process, and tools to secure the endpoint, network, and cloud environments.

Deliver secure file access to your team, wherever it is needed, using a true business grade file sync and sharing solution.
DocuLedger delivers a full CyberSecurity Platform to defend your operations from the latest Cyberthreats.
Turn on business continuity, disaster recovery and  cybersecurity controls to protect your business.
We are your complete, full-service IT team ready for your call.

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Your Company Might Be at Risk If...

  • You do not have a file protection strategy against Cryptolocker and Ransomware
  • You do not have a strategy to detect, defend, and respond to Malicious Intrusion
  • You haven't implemented a Security Awareness training program
  • You have No IT Policy in place
  • You do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place
  • You haven't moved resources to the Cloud
  • You have a Locally Installed Server
  • You are using an Outdated firewall and VPN connection

IT Struggles are real. We understand.

At DocuLedger, we understand how stressful it is to worry about cyber security threats, deal with poor IT performance, and receive unreliable customer support.

With our full service, US-based IT solution, your staff can get quick, effective, and friendly support so they can stay focused. We strive to answer every phone call in 2 rings or less. Our helpdesk is available from 6AM to 6PM MST everyday, and for emergency call service after hours.

Our solutions take advantage of cloud platforms, infrastructure, applications, and appliances that bring dependable business continuity to your operations. We deliver a full Cyber Security Platform to defend your operations from the latest Cyberthreats.

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